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Global International RelocationGlobal International Relocation is a well renowned company operating on a international scale with a an agent network in over 186 countries. Its clients are globally famous. Our company is thus devoted to offering high-quality services in areas such as International Moves, International Transportation, Relocation Services, Special Packing and other specific services linked to International relocation.

Maybe you’ve just sold your house and a brand new life is to begin, with new paths to be trodden. Perhaps the first decision to make is to arrange for removals. Here we are ready to help you with your decision.
Our support goes way beyond helping our customers to pack and transport their belongings. We are fully aware of the fact that our clients have already moved from an old to a new location, from a country to another one, many times. Hence, relocating should not be a stressing and troublesome episode for the entire family.

Both our professionalism and long-proven experience in the field of international moving allows us to carefully listen to and annotate all our costumers ‘needs. This is the distinctive mark between us and our competitors. After all these years made us draw the following conclusion: there are some tiny details that may indeed make the relocation process easier. For instance: the tidy looks and courteous attitude of our staff in charge of packing or the cautious and attentive ways they display while packing your sentimental and personal effects. We pay close attention to the fact that we are working into your private sphere and, consequently, we have to respect your lifestyle as we do our job.
Once the service is done, we make sure that your house is clean. This is but one detail among many others to take into account when you are on the brink of selecting the right company for the relocation process.

The bulk of our customers are relocating worldwide using firms where this kind of service is provided. Yet, we also take care of private removals, all over the world. The quantity of items relocated is not to be the differencing factor amidst our customers. To us, each and every costumer is important, be the relocation the whole furniture of the house or only a couple of boxes. All things considered, you are the most significant part of our business.
Remember that when you select a company for relocating the final cost should not come as the decisive factor. If the contents of your house falls into the wrong hands it could be disastrous.

Our staff

Specialized technicians in the field of international relocation work for Global International. All our staff-members are carefully screened through a quite complete selective process. Once picked out, they are to attend a training program at the Centro de Formação Profissional da Global International (Global International Professional Training Centre). They are taught and endowed with the company’s professional spirit, − values and objectives. The more technical aspects are obviously fully studied: packaging techniques; close knowledge of the various packing raw material types; utility and good use; rules involving costumer contact. To sum up: our staff undergoes a severe test of selection to make sure that the final result will be impeccable and utterly professional.
Global International.

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Why should I choose Global International?

 Because we are Professionals and Specialists in International Moves and Relocation

 Because we have a worldwide coverage.

 Because our worldwide agencies are present in186 countries.

 Because we are proud to have the largest set of 100% Satisfied Customers.