Our staff

Specialized technicians in the field of international relocation work for Global International. All our staff-members are carefully screened through a quite complete selective process. Once picked out, they are to attend a training program at the Centro de Formação Profissional da Global International (Global International Professional Training Centre). They are taught and endowed with the company’s professional spirit, − values and objectives. The more technical aspects are obviously fully studied: packaging techniques; close knowledge of the various packing raw material types; utility and good use; rules involving costumer contact. To sum up: our staff undergoes a quite severe test of selection to make sure that the final result will be impeccable and utterly professional

Global International is a very active company operating in the field of international-scale removals and in relocation. The company incites motivated and hard-working professionals, keen on multi-cultural experiences. All kinds of professionals work with us: carpenters, call-center operators; salesmen; coordinators etc…

Do you want to become a specialist in International moves?

In case you are willing to be part of our team, please to send your CV to

Why should I choose Global International?

 Because we are Professionals and Specialists in International Moves and Relocation

 Because we have a worldwide coverage.

 Because our worldwide agencies are present in186 countries.

 Because we are proud to have the largest set of 100% Satisfied Customers.