International Moving

Global International provides for a total home moving process, no matter in the world.
We shall find the most suitable means of transport and the best course, be it either by truck, ship or plane

Global International: the ideal partner for International Moves.

Portugal has a privileged location: it stands at a crossroad, leading to the world’s most significant places.Moving boxes
Thanks to its staff’s worldwide experience in International moves, Global International is able to provide high quality services and an appropriate solution for the removals, no matter where in the world. Global International operates with the best experts in the world of International moves and you get support from the world’s best worldwide agencies… Global International is thus in the best position to provide the perfect moving service.
Our main goal is to provide our customer with the best service possible, based on quality and sympathy. When the service is over we want to proudly say “our work is done , well done”.



Let’s organize your move!

  1. Moving truckGlobal International analyzes with you which type of service better fits your own removals’ needs. We also help people out with all the data forms concerning international transportation of personal items;
  2. We draw an inventory to sort out which are the belongings you want to carry into your new home.
  3. We analyze which packing type is the best and which fits better the item’s features so that everything can be handled, transported and delivered in perfect condition, at destination.
  4. We define which means of transportation is the best according to the destination and the quantity of items to be removed.

Moving day!

  1. On removal day, we pack and wrap all your items with the best possible materials available on the market.
  2. We check that every item has been duly packed, listed and tagged and that all the belongings to be transported are included.
  3.  We do handle your previously packed belongings carefully and rigorously, proceeding to direct load onto the international transportation carrier. In case you have not yet purchased a new place to live, we store your belongings in one of our places for storage, awaiting further transportation, until you’re done.

On delivery!

  1. Thanks to our worldwide agencies, we are ready to deliver your belongings everywhere, in any country of the world;
  2. On a date formerly agreed upon, we proceed to the delivery of the items at your new address;
  3.  We unload, unwrap and assemble all your belongings, letting them at the right place, in your new home;
  4.  We double-check the original inventory and recount the quantities of items in order to ascertain that no item is missing and that every datum matches the respective one on the original list.

Move checklist

Lets help you out with your removals process please click on Backup Checklist for International moves

Global International helps you out with further information on removals proceedings available on services.

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Why should I choose Global International?

 Because we are Professionals and Specialists in International Moves and Relocation

 Because we have a worldwide coverage.

 Because our worldwide agencies are present in186 countries.

 Because we are proud to have the largest set of 100% Satisfied Customers.