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Global Pets is the exclusive Department of Global International dedicated of the transport in the more effective and comfortable way of your pet.

Why use a professional pet shipper?

A professional will ensure the management and pet care, from the moment it is picked up from its homes until his arrival; they will apply their knowledge about flight regulations, requirements of the flight containers, quarantine, proper identification for the pet, boarding, pick-up and delivery, as these regulations may be subject to change, the professional is always aware of all this information to make the necessary transport arrangements for your pet.

Documentation required for international or regional transfers

- Each country has its own regulations, but the most needed are:

  • Microchip
  • Accinations
  • Specific blood tests performed by a creditable laboratory

- Health Certifícate
- Export and Import permits, usually these have a shelf life

Valuable information for transporting a pet:

- Physical or health conditions
- Age
- Breed, some breeds need some special accommodations.
- Time of the year they will be traveling, very hot seasons are not suitable
- Meassuraments of the pet
- How many pets are traveling
- Take into consideration that some required tests take about one to three months to complete.
- The transports are only during week days

Conditions for the transfer of the animal:

- A day earlier, begin decreasing the amount of food
- Administrate a light meal 6 hours before traveling, and supply enough water
- Remove any type of leash, collar or clothing to prevent any type of incident.
- Take it to a walk before going to the airport and before checking in.


- To ensure the comfort of your pet, we recommend to leave an old t-shirt with the smell of its owner or blanket which the animal is used to, to make him feel more comfortable in a strange place.
- Label the carrying case with the animal’s name, beside the owners name and address, leave a contact phone number of the destination.
- Make sure with the veterinary that the animal is healthy to travel


Certain countries require the animal to remain in quarantine certain amount of days in specific establishments; while other countries allow the quarantine to be performed at home.

Carrying case:

It is very important to know the measurements of the animal, in order to know what size box needs since it is an international law approved by IATA , which gives the animal comfort, safety and adequate ventilation during transport , both dogs and cats , need enough room to move , stretch and turn around inside the shipping box.

How to measure my pet?

- Long: from the tip of the nose to the rut of the tail
- Tall: from the ground to the highest part of the head, if it has pointed ears, take in consideration the tip of the ears.
- Wide: measure the widest part of your pet



Data required given by the client:



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