Special Packing

During removal abroad, your domestic goods and personal effects might be at risk if handled by the wrong persons. Items might fall down; trucks might be involved in accidents; containers might be surprised by a huge storm at sea; holes cover unexpected places on highways and tropical storm might make the heat rise inside containers up to damaging levels…These are several tricky scenarios among others, which eventually might foil the transportation. In order to prevent all these high-risk factors from happening, Global International does use the best materials available on the market, the strongest boxes and the most qualified personnel, devoted only to overseas removals.

Resistant packaging material, adapted to each and every item to pack.

Packaging material is composed of.

  • Strong cardboard boxes, in different sizes for different types of goods such as dishes; books; clothes; cardboard wardrobes for suits and dresses; cardboard boxes for chairs, lampshades and paintings;
  • Silk paper for fragile porcelains and very delicate articles;
  • Bubble/craft cardboard reels to protect the furniture’s surface;
  • Bubble plastic;
  • Strong cardboard boxes ‘corners to protect the corners of some pieces of furniture;
  • PVC tape rolls duly prepared to resist to the severe and extreme various weather conditions,
  • Stickers for every pack.
  • Special wooden bars to protect high-valued antiquities, paintings, mirrors and marbles.

Special Packing for Works of Art

Global International disposes of a special unit of carpentry into which packs and wrappings are totally adapted to your artwork’s shape and weight. Be it either an invaluable and precious painting with uncommon measurements, a sculpture or even a piano, our carpenters will create a brand new robust frame allowing your piece of art to be air, earth or sea-transported and to arrive safely, in one perfect piece.

Packing is an art!

Special PackingPacking for the purpose of removals, for most people, equals to wrapping things with newspapers ‘sheets and old sheets. Global International does not do it this way. Allow us to draw an analogy between removals and pastries...to better enhance the benefits of a good packing process. Everyone knows that all cakes are made of sugar and flour. The difference amidst them is the technique. That’s quite the same thing within the field of international removals: articles do have their special ingredient (special packaging material) but we use differentiated and unique techniques for each of them. The method used to wrap and pack a sofa is totally unlike the one used to envelop a chair.
Art and techniques for packing are taught to our staff at the professional training program centre.

Some video clips demonstrating how careful professionals are about packing will soon be made available on our website.



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