Special Services

Global International offers several extra services to make your international removal process easier in addition to the afore mentioned international removals, relocation and storage services

Furniture Rental

The vast majority of customers that have already been through the process of removals, at times to faraway countries, know quite well how difficult it is to store their belongings in hotels and to take care of the whole family. Discomfort and high costs are to be expected.
Global International has a solution. Wait comfortably for your domestic valuables and articles to be sent at your new address for we take care of providing all the necessary basic pieces of furniture and everyday domestic utensils: King size, French beds and single beds; sofas; TV sets; crockery; tables; chairs and other. You can actually even select the style of furniture that most pleases you.

House Cleaning Services

Once packing and removals services are over, costumers living in a rented house must let them shiny and looking brand new for the next renters.
Global International offers a full house cleaning service to its customers, at removing or destination places.

Extra Services

Global International manages satisfy all the wishes asked for by its customers. Let us emphasize the small home repairs service, whose main actors are hired professionals such as plumbers; carpenters; civil painters; com. and TV cable/satellite technicians. Need to redecorate? An interior designer will come to the rescue.






Why should I choose Global International?

 Because we are Professionals and Specialists in International Moves and Relocation

 Because we have a worldwide coverage.

 Because our worldwide agencies are present in186 countries.

 Because we are proud to have the largest set of 100% Satisfied Customers.