Multinational Companies / Relocation for Executive Staff

As new entrepreneurial challenges do thrive rapidly, multinational companies feel the urge to send their top executive staff members to other countries to participate, either as a trainee or as a trainer, in training programs or to manage a subsidiary company. These professionals might get quite stressed-out because of the subsequent and multiple changes brought into their personal and familiar lives.
Knowing that PR departments are, normally, in charge of the whole process of relocation abroad, Global International created an Assistance Service destined to Multinational Companies PR Departments.

How can Global International help you?

Global International help PR Departments by finding out the best possible solution for international removals. Bureaucracies’ nooks and crannies and home equipment rentals are all taken care of by our services.

Need some help with …

  • Proceeding to the removals of your colaborator’s house? Visit our international removals service
  • Taking care of the relocation process for an executive (rent a house; furniture for the house; finding a suitable school for children etc?). Visit us at relocation.

Contact us if you need a tailor-made cost estimate.

Why should I choose Global International?

 Because we are Professionals and Specialists in International Moves and Relocation

 Because we have a worldwide coverage.

 Because our worldwide agencies are present in186 countries.

 Because we are proud to have the largest set of 100% Satisfied Customers.